International bypass fraud is a prolific and costly fraud in today’s mobile industry. Bypass fraud is the use of fixed to mobile gateway equipment, commonly called SIM Boxes, to terminate international inbound calls to local mobile subscribers by routing traffic around contracted interconnect gateways. Fraudsters take advantage of the rate differentials between international and local calls to profit from calls that should be billed by the local mobile operator at higher international rates but instead get billed at local “on-net” rates. Operators sending outbound international traffic are attracted to the bypass routes due to lower interconnect rates.

Many carriers believe or know that they are losing international termination revenues due to bypass operations. One common approach to reducing SIM Box bypass fraud is the use of test call services to identify individual SIM cards used in SIM boxes. Test call services are an effective first step in controlling revenue leakage due to bypass. As operators begin identifying many SIM cards for cut-off, they need to ask if they are really solving their bypass and revenue leakage problem. Once bypass fraud is detected through the use of test call services, the problem needs to be attacked head on. Take the next step in stopping international termination revenue leakage.

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